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At, we strive to bring the community together by providing a business directory, calendar of events and special discounts. It is the perfect website for advertising your company. Our niche group of visitors are unique, on the site to support Desi Businesses and steadily increase by 10% every month.

In addition, our site’s free Desi business listing with location and category filters have brought in those who are looking to buy from desi businesses. It will be an easy way to target the best demographic that will buy what your company is selling. This includes geographically American, those that have disposable incomes, and those that search to shop.

Did you know US online sales have risen 43% in the last month? Now, during the pandemic, it's smart to capitalize on these increased shopping habits. We have reasonably priced Ad spaces you can take advantage of. On our clean, modern website your ads will not get lost. Here are the types of ads you will see. You won’t find these prices anywhere else for a site comparable to ours!

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Please reach out to us at if you have any questions. We'd love for you to advertise with us and empower the desi business community.

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